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Let’s talk about balls.⁣
Yeah. You heard it! 😂⁣

A Pilota, meaning ball, is something similar to a meatball, but served in/with soup. ⁣
(Meatballs in stews or sauces are called mandonguilles instead. )⁣

Pilota is perhaps the most popular part of Escudella i Carn d’Olla, the Catalan Christmas Soup.⁣
Kids find other meats and vegetables involved rather boring, but everybody loves some Pilota! ⁣

It’s traditionally a massive one, shaped more like a rugby ball, and served in slices. ⁣
Honestly, it can get a bit messy. ⁣

But knowing it’s everybody’s favourite, nowadays it’s also served as small ones mixed with the pasta in the soup. ⁣
Pilotes = plural. ⁣
Or Pilotilles, referring to their smaller size!⁣

Pilotilles are so convenient!

Ingredients are basically the same of a meatball:⁣
– A mix of pork and beef mince⁣
– Stale bread soaked in milk, or breadcrumbs⁣
– Egg, Garlic, Parsley, Salt, Pepper (etc) ⁣
Family/local traditions may differ. ⁣

That yummy mix!

We went for the smaller option. So everybody gets three nice sized pilotes with their Escudella + Galets. ⁣

And here are some images of the making of, the pre-cooking (in real broth) and packing. ⁣

The shaping
Pre-cooked in real broth and ready to be packed

It doesn’t get easier or better than this!