Deliveries & Collections


Please familiarise yourself with the rules and instructions.
They are designed to make the delivery safe, quick, and fair to our busy schedule.


Delivery Day for Our Last Sale will be on Sunday the 12th of February.
Deliveries will happen ANY TIME between 9:00h and 19:00h.
Somebody must be home to accept the delivery and put it straight away into the freezer.


Our Delivery Zone covers the London Postal District, meaning the 620 km2 area with postcodes starting with E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W and WC.
This means postcodes like KT or CR are not included, even if they are Greater London.
Note this refers to the Shipping address, not the Billing address linked to your card.
If you are outside our Delivery Zone, but happy to travel, please consider our Collection option.


Our Delivery route is planned by the driver based on all other addresses for the day, so it’s both the quickest and the best for the planet.
This is why it’s not possible to arrange for specific time slots, and why we drive through an area only once.
We will not be contacting your neighbours.
No food will be left unattended as if it was a parcel, as it is temperature-sensitive and it could be damaged and unsafe.
So if nobody is there to accept the order, this will be considered a failed delivery and cannot be rearranged.
No refunds will be made.

Deliveries will be made possible by a paid driver.
The Delivery Fee is of £9 and paid at checkout.


Please familiarise yourself with the rules and instructions.
They are designed for an easy, practical collection and so you can keep your food safe and in top condition.


Collection day for Our Last Sale will be Saturday the 11th of February.
Collections will happen between 11:00h and 19:00h.
No service will be provided outside these hours.
No refunds will be made.


You must bring your own isothermal bag(s), as food must be kept frozen during transport.
You should go straight home and place the food into the freezer asap.
If you live far from Brixton, we recommend the use of ice packs inside the isothermal bag.
Please do bring as many bags as you might need, as we cannot provide them.


The location is in Brixton, SW2 5AN. A 10 minute walk from Brixton Station (TFL Zone 2).
The full address and instructions will be provided via email closer to the date.

There will be NO Delivery Fee applied to a Collection Order at checkout.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or something to share.

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