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Nobody would ever serve Escudella without Galets!
Specially on Christmas Time!

Galets are a type of pasta shaped like a sort of shell, or snail-like.
They are notable for their considerable size.
Some are big enough to even be stuffed with the Pilota mix, so once boiled it’s an all-in-one!
But nowadays you’d only go for the larger size on Christmas, because it’s too much of a fuss.

Finding galets abroad is not easy.
But once again, our connection with Italy comes in handy: Italians call them lumache/lumaconi (meaning snails/slugs!). Those are easier to find.

My personal opinion is their big size can be too awkward to eat. They can’t even fit in your mouth!
So instead of cutting them with the spoon, and/or possibly making a mess (protect your fancy outfit!), I’d rather go for a medium size, if I can find them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This year, it has been impossible to find a medium size, so our galets for 2022 will be a SMALL SIZE.
The shape we all love, but more practical than ever. Find cooking instructions here.