A very small yet yummy project

*Jo Vull Repetir started as a one-off thing, and it’s still going!*

Here you have the story of how this started and the nature of the project.
So if you’re new here, this will hopefully give you a better idea of the whys, hows and whens of it all.

PROJECT #SalvemElMenuCatalaDeNadal

It all started during the pandemic.
Christmas 2020 was going to be the first time many Catalan Londoners wouldn’t be able to go back to their families on such special dates.
The pandemic had already ruined our year, and the coming holidays didn’t look promising.
It occurred to me that nothing could replace a warm hug from your loved ones, but at least you could set up the table as if you were with them.
That, I could help with!

So I found a way to prepare, freeze and deliver a Catalan Christmas Menu.
The goal was to make you feel the warmth of home with each mouthful.

It was a success!!! I honestly struggled to keep up with the demand!
I was happy we had saved the foodie side of Christmas.
I was proud I had put my skills to the service of my expat community.

AFTER CHRISTMAS: What about 2021?

I was told I must continue this.
And well, the pandemic was here to stay and I still had my spare time stuck indoors, a freezer and a desire to feed people… So next thing you know, I was making Tortells de Reis!
But really, where was this going?

I love having a project. I love bringing my fellow homesick londoners some Taste Of Home.
But I am just one person (with a job!) doing this on the side. So I had to give it a good, long thought.
I decided to continue making #CatalanFoodInLondon, but only when/if I could manage.
No promises or schedules, but going with what the situation brings us.
I would organise a Sale whenever things worked out, and try to match the seasons and Catalan traditions with food.
At least, until life went back to normal or for as long as my work schedule (etc!) allows it.

AND HERE WE ARE! Still selling out most of what I make!

So this is why there can be several weeks between Sales.
This is why some favourites do a comeback (like canelons), and some others are seasonal (Escudella).
This is why I mostly freeze what I make. So it’s easy to produce and deliver, and easy for you to have it when you most need it.

And now that you know this is just my little mission, you might understand why items are almost always Sold Out!
Because I can only produce small batches.
Returning customers (my dear Repetidors!) know the drill and are quick to buy before it’s gone.
And first-timers are a bit lost, but keep joining us.
There’s no point in advertising all over social media when I can only offer small quantities. So I usually first make sure to give my Repetidors a chance and then hit the socials to share what’s left.
This is the formula that works, right now. And I have no plans to go bigger. My priority is quality, not quantity. And also honesty, so I will never promise too much.

And in between Sales, I like to rant about food on my socials.
Because food is part of our culture. Part of our identity. And what we often miss.
And I cannot substitute your grandma but I will try to cook like her and make you taste those memories! So please get in touch and share yours!

Please join the conversation on instagram or message [email protected] to share your cravings.