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Canelons (de ROSTIT)

I’m going to ask you to forget about Italy and their cannelloni. ⁣
Italians do great things, indeed! And they get all the deserved glory and fame. But many different versions of several famous dishes can be found around the Mediterranean shores.⁣
I’m not going to tell you whether those non-italian recipes are better than, a copy of, a version of sorts, or a substitute.⁣
They are delicious. End of.⁣

And as a clear example, I’ll tell you Canelons are nowadays considered traditional food in Catalonia. A staple in the Catalan Cuisine.⁣


Catalans roll up the sheets of pasta around precious stuffing made of roasted meat.⁣
That would be Canelons de Rostit.⁣

The farcit (stuffing) can also be a way to recycle leftover meat from other recipes.⁣
This is one of the theories of why Canelons are served on the 26th of December, as there are always leftovers from Christmas Day.⁣
(But who’d be up for it, nowadays, still hungover, and have it ready for lunch?!) ⁣

Never in small quantities

I will omit other options, such as vegetarian, fish, etc.⁣
They all can be delicious, but the Canelons we miss, even crave, are the ones our grandma would prepare for a Sunday Lunch with the family. ⁣
Those are the ones I recreate, the popular Canelons de Rostit. ⁣

But I’m actually taking it further, and going for Canelons de Sant Esteve.⁣
Because on St Stephen’s day, or Boxing Day, you only serve the best.⁣
Made ahead and saved for the occasion. With plenty of good ingredients, time, love and patience.⁣
What special occasions call for, and what grandmothers always serve. God bless their aprons! ⁣

Some like it darker than others

So here you have my Canelons.⁣
More than special enough for a Sunday Feeling. ⁣
Definitely worthy of a Christmas Menu.⁣

P. S. We can discuss the sauce and toppings next time⁣