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Croquetes de (…)

Croquettes can be made out of many different ingredients.
In some countries, potato croquetes are considered standard.
I dare say that’d grossly disappoint some people, though!

Catalans adore several types of them.
We can never get enough!

Never enough!

Remember dear Bubba Blue, listing all kinds of shrimp recipes to Forrest Gump?
Yeah. Imagine something similar!

I would argue Croquetes de Pollastre are the nation’s favourite.
Chicken is always a crowd pleaser.
Leftovers of Rostisserie Chicken are often used.

Croquetes de Carn would vaguely refer to its meaty content, so it could include different types of meat.
Working with Roast leftovers, you can mix bits of beef, pork, etc. (some veggies may be included)

On the vegetarian side, Mushroom/Funghi Croquettes are always a hit.
Croquetes de Bolets often combine both fresh and dried, and a mix of different funghi.

Of course, Cured Ham is always tasty!
Croquetes de Pernil are vey creamy, as the meat content can be minimal yet mighty in flavour.
They often include cheese, too.

The list goes on and on. Like Sobrassada, Salted Cod, etc.
Some bars and restaurants have a full menu section dedicated to them!

Deep Fried Goodness!

Now back to me and what I make, eat and love:

I have always loved the good old chicken ones.
I have never used leftovers, but rather roasted a whole chicken with the sole purpose of making Croquetes de Pollastre!
Is there a Summer Party in the horizon? Buy a chicken.
Is it a dear friend’s birthday? Get roasting!
Is the Choir planning a day trip? Fetch the tupperwares, it’ll be a yummy train ride!

Yummy train ride!

Having said that, I hope Jo Vull Repetir!!! will take me on a journey to explore many options and flavours, and both you and I will fry all kinds of breaded gems before long.

My Happy Freezer 🙂

My stepmum always says “A fridge without a bottle of Cava is a sad fridge”.
I declare “A freezer without some Croquetes is a sad freezer”!