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Cooking Instructions for Escudella

Move escudella and pilotes from the freezer to the fridge AT LEAST 24 hours before you plan to have it.
This way, it’ll thaw safely.
Do make sure to place it into a tray or similar container, in case it leaks.

Pour the Escudella into a big enough pot and bring it to a boil.
If it’s not fully thawed, let it melt down gently.
Add salt to taste.*
Boil the Galets in it for at least 10 minutes. As per maker’s instruction, 10 minutes means “al dente”. Boil them longer if it’s your preference. We recommend at least a couple of minutes more, making it 12.
Add the pilotes into the boiling mix for at least the LAST 5 minutes.

*Saltiness comes from the cured ham. There is no added salt. Give it a taste and add accordingly, if needed.

600ml per person might seem too much. But as you boil the Galets in it, you’ll lose part of the liquid.
And in the unlikely case of leftovers, you will thank me the next day!

Are you happy and proud of your #Escudella? Please share your photos! #JoVullRepetir

2022’s Galets have a 10 minutes cooking time