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Xamfaina (Chicken)

Xamfaina is as classic as a dish can get.
It is often spelled Samfaina, with an S, but my people go for the X.

I heard the name is supposed to mean “a symphony of vegetables”, and I love that.

It will always have Tomato, Onion, Aubergine and Red Pepper.
It can also have Courgette, Green Pepper, etc.

Any meat can be the main star in the xamfaina, if included at all.
Chicken is always a good choice. Even Botifarra. (My favourite is with Rabbit!)

As with any classic, it will vary based on location, family or personal preferences.

What type did we go for? The crowd pleaser: Chicken!


Our final choice was based on what was voted by followers on our socials.
It’s Chicken with the forementioned main vegetables. Some voters (very few) don’t like Courgette, so there’s a smaller quantity.

Xamfaina can be chunky, but it is cooked low and slow, aka “La Cuina del Xup-Xup”, so everything almost melts to the touch of a fork.
If you’d like to see more about the making of, you’ll find more on our social media. Drool!

It’s a double portion made of 4 eighths of chicken (a total of two legs) with plenty of sauce.

Two generous servings

Some white rice will play well with it. But our favourite combination is with a side of roasted (or fried) potatoes.
This nice sauce deserves some good bread to wipe the plate clean!
Check out the heating instructions here.

Serving suggestion: with potatoes