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Heating Instructions for Xamfaina

Move the Xamfaina from the freezer to the fridge AT LEAST 24 hours before you plan to have it.
This way, it’ll thaw safely.

All ingredients are fully cooked, but Xamfaina must be thoroughly defrosted in order to heat up evenly.

Place contents into a microwavable container of your choice. (Metals cannot go into the microwave!)
Single portions are always easier to heat.
Make sure it’s piping hot throughout by cheching the centre of the thickest piece of chicken.
Serve immediately.

Pre-heat the oven between 100 and 150C.
Remove the plastic and the lid.
Cover tray with tin foil.
Once the oven is ready, place it into the centre rack and heat until it’s piping hot throughout.
Handle tray with care as it’s thin. Use oven mittens.
Serve immediately.

Some white rice will play well with it.
But our favourite combination is with a side of roasted (or fried) potatoes, as seen in the picture above.
Also, this nice sauce deserves some good bread to wipe the plate clean!