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Tanquem l’any: YEAR IN NUMBERS

Want to do “A YEAR IN NUMBERS”?⁣

Well. It hasn’t been a year, really. This has had only a few weeks of life!⁣

But during this past weeks, on the run to save the Catalan Christmas for expats in London I have cooked:⁣

30+ packs of Escudella, Pilotes i Galets⁣

70+ bags of 10 Croquetes⁣

100+ trays of Canelons de Rostit⁣

I can’t calculate how many people will eat croquetes. Some share the 10 with a few, i’m more of a 5-for-each!!!

But since both Canelons and Escudella were servings for 2, I can estimate that more than 260 servings of Catalan Goodness have been consumed in London during the last days.⁣

And that is a beautiful number.⁣

Now, I’m going to have a little rest.⁣
This was a let’s-see-what-happens sort of adventure.⁣
It was a “what value can you bring to your community” sort of mission.⁣
I have been urged to continue it. To make it official and a regular thing.⁣
And I thank many of you for the encouragement!⁣
But this needs thinking. And we all need some good planning for 2021.⁣

I want to thank you all!⁣
Thank you for your support, your trust and your appetites!⁣