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Recommendations for Farcit de Nata

Get Yourself either Double Cream or Whipping Cream (Single Cream won’t work).
Make sure you keep it very cold until it’s time to whip it for best results.
Pro Tip: Cold is your friend. Try placing your bowl and your whisk ends in the freezer for extra help.

The best way to sweeten your Nata is with Icing/powdered sugar, as it mixes evenly and won’t leave a crunchy texture.
You can also add a little Vanilla to it. A drop. You don’t need a lot.
Pro Tip: The easiest way to avoid a mess is placing the sugar in the bowl first, so the cream will cover it and there won’t be a sugar cloud explosion.

I suggest firm peaks. If not whipped enough, it won’t hold the weight of half the Tortell on top and might collapse.
Keep your eye on it. If you overwhip it, it will curdle and resemble sweet butter! It would still taste good, but it wouldn’t have the volume and would feel heavy.
Remember: we are going for lightness, volume and firmness.

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