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Instructions for Tortell de Reis

You will be provided with the Fava (the bean), Rei (King figurine) and Corona (paper crown).
Keep your Tortell packed and frozen until needed.
Do not place anything on top of it, as it’s fragile and toppings can easily broke apart.

To defrost it:
Take it out of the freezer but do not open it, so it won’t go dry.
Either leave it in the fridge overnight, or leave on the counter first thing in the morning.
Unwrap it carefully by cutting open all sides of the bag instead of pulling it out from one side. This is to be as gentle as possible with the toppings.

If you are having it plain or already filled with marzipan, you only need to cut two holes in the bottom and hide the Fava&Rei in them.
Then, place the Tortell in your prettiest serving platter or cake dish.

Whip your cream however you like it. I recommend firm peaks. I wrote some recommendations here.
Carefully slice Tortell horizontally and clean any crumbs.
Do it on a clean surface you can wipe afterwards.
If you have a Piping bag, distributing the cream will be much easier.
If you do it with a spoon or spatula, place a big blob in the centre and then spread it towards the edges. Remember you don’t need to overfill it to the very edge, as the weight of the top layer will do that.
Now is the moment to hide the Fava&Rei in the filling!
Place the top layer carefully back on top. Give it a little wiggle so it sits on top of the cream evenly and it gently spreads the filling towards the edges.
If a little mess has happened, do not panic. It’s just cream! Use the back of a spoon or a spatula to correct it.
Once you are happy with it, you can carefully place it in your prettiest serving platter or cake dish.

If you like it with Crema/Custard:
Follow the instructions for Nata taking into account that the texture will not be as light and the mess could be bigger, so you shouldn’t overfill it.

Always lift the top with the help of big, flat tools to keep it flat so it won’t break. (Please note this is an old photo!)

Tortell de Reis is traditionally served with Cava or your favourite festive drink of choice.

As tradition dictates, whoever finds the Rei will be crowned for the day!
Whoever finds the Fava will have to pay for next year’s Tortell!
(And one doesn’t cancel the other!)

Don’t forget to take pictures! And please, tag @jovullrepetir