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Cooking Instructions for Croquetes

Croquetes are to be cooked from frozen.
You can fry them in your oil of choice.
I suggest sunflower oil, as you might not be able to reuse it.
If you prefer olive oil, make sure to go for something light, not extra virgin.
Fry safely! Use a splatter screen and/or keep a safe distance.

Heat the oil in a small pan or small pot. More deep than wide.
Bring it to 170-180C.
Not sure of the temperature? Dip the handle of a wooden spoon into the oil: if it bubbles, it’s ready to fry.
It’s better to fry only 5-6 croquetes at a time, so the temperature of the oil won’t drop too much.

Remember the filling is already cooked, but you wouldn’t want the inside to be cold.

You need enough oil depth to cover at least half a croqueta.
Once the first side has a dark golden colour, you can turn them around carefully to cook the other side.
But I strongly recommend using enough oil to cover the whole croqueta, as they will be less likely to crack.
Even if fully submerged, still turn them around carefully. This is because the bottom of the pan is even hotter, and you don’t want a burnt side.

NOTE about Croquetes Menorca: due to the nature of their shape, they don’t just sit at the bottom of the pan and can be more susceptible to crack.
Make sure to move them around carefully so the coating cooks evenly and there are no weak spots for the filling to escape. They would still taste nice! But it would be a shame.

Place them in a paper towel lined plate so any excess of oil will be absorbed.
But don’t leave them sitting in it for too long, as they’d go soggy! Move them into the serving plate, instead.

If you’re preparing lots of food and have too much going on in the kitchen, or you simply have guests coming and don’t want any smell, there’s a way to do this a couple of hours ahead:
You fry them as usual and keep aside. Then just place them in a warm oven for a few minutes right before serving.
Make sure your tray is oven-safe and the oven is only warm, 130-150C max! Covering them in tin foil when they go in the oven might help, too.
This might come in handy, but only if you feel confident enough to make it work. Try it at your own risk!

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