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Cooking Instructions for Coca de Sant Joan

This Coca must be served fresh, as it dries very quickly.
This is why you will be completing the process in your own kitchen, hours before you plan to serve it.


Your Coca will have been half-baked in its own foil tray and kept frozen and sealed.
Once delivered, you must keep it in your freezer until needed.

Make sure it isn’t squashed!

You will also get a small bottle containing around 10ml of Anís.
This must be kept in a cupboard, away from children.

Sealed and Frozen until needed.


Your Coca must be fully thawed before being baked.
Take it out of the freezer and keep it in the fridge overnight or several hours before baking it.

Preheat your oven to 180C. Make sure the temperature is right.
Carefully remove the plastic cover.

Place your coca in the centre of your oven, on top of a rack.
Bake it for at least 7 minutes with the help of a timer.

From this moment, keep an eye on it.
It should be almost ready, but it might need up to 5 more minutes as every oven is different.

Look for a bit of colour in the areas with no crema, particularly the edges.
Use the photos as a guide.

Just a bit of golden colour. Not too much!


Once you are happy with the looks of it, take it out of the oven.

Handle it with care, as the foil tray is flimsy and must be kept flat.
Place it in a safe area, preferably a cooling rack where it’ll cool down quicker.

Quick! This is the moment when you must drizzle it with the Anís!
Use your thumb as a stopper so it lightly spashes all over the Coca.

When the Anís comes into contact with the hot surface, it will make a quiet sizzling sound: that’s when it mostly evaporates, leaving its perfume behind and creating sugar crystals.

It is not a quantity that you should worry about, specially as it mostly evaporates. But if you are concerned about using alcohol you can always skip this step.

After this, leave it to cool down completely.

Just a touch of anís.


Once the Coca has cooled down, it must be kept in the fridge until serving time.
It’s not just a food safety issue (Crema contains eggs), it also tastes better when it’s cold!

Make sure to follow all the instructions, photos and videos posted here and on social media, and your first bite will put you in a Revetlla State of Mind!

And please, share your photos and tag us so we can see them!

Bona Revetlla!