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An assortment of 4 types of Panellets. 20 units in total.

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The sweet taste of Tardor: bite-sized pieces of Catalan Autumn.

A cute yet generous assortment of 20 Panellets featuring  the top 4 best sellers: Pine Nut, Coconut, Almond and Chocolate.

Click here for a description of the 4 different types.
New to Panellets? Click here for a quick introduction.

Panellets are both kept and served at room temperature.
They will be best served on the day of purchase.
In the unlikely event of leftovers, Panellets stored in an airtight container will keep for a couple of days.

Allergen Disclaimer:
Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat.
Our descriptions do not include all of the ingredients used in the recipe or handled in the same kitchen.
Therefore, if you have a food allergy please contact us before placing an order.