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Canelons de BOLETS

This is a new dish inspired by my very own Croquetes de Bolets recipe.
Many of you, even self-confessed meat lovers, gave me such great feedback! So the conversation took us to main course territory and we agreed it was worth a try.
They are not exactly the same, but if you loved one, you will certainly like the other!

Just as I did with my croquetes, I wanted the mushrooms to be not only the main ingredient but the undisputable star of the show. I wanted all their taste and aroma in every layer.

There’s a mix of 3 types of mushrooms, each bringing something special: Closed Cup, Chestnut and Shiitake. All combined, they offer both depth of flavour and a great texture.
This filling is chunky and almost meaty.
Throw in some usual suspects such as onion, garlic and white wine and add a creamy sauce, and you have a winner!

You know my Beixamel is never “a plain white sauce on top”. It is designed to echo the canelons. So by infusing it with mixed dried mushrooms we get a sauce that is not overpowering, but never bland. The perfect match.

You don’t need to add anything extra. The usual cheesy crust is included. But there is always a chance to customise it (as long as you don’t eclipse it with something too potent!).
A great idea would be some sort of garnish with parsley, as many associate mushrooms with it. A bit of green freshness never hurt nobody.
Or if you like a salad on the side, I suggest some deep green leaves, such as rocket.

The sauce is infused with this mix of dried mushrooms.